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Pharmaceutical Innovation
To Japan and From Japan
Our mission is to bring new Pharmaceutical Inventions to Patients
by helping pharmaceutical companies navigate the pathway to and from Japan.

PointPath.Biz, K. K. (PPBIZ) was founded by Dr. Yutaka Waki in 2008 to provide consulting to Japanese pharmaceutical companies.Since then,
PPBIZ have provided services to Japanese pharmaceutical companies, large and small, including bio-ventures as well as clients in Europe and North America.

From Discovery Research to Clinical Development Bridging the West to Japan & Asia A New Style of Pharmaceutical Consulting Services

We are a team of pharmaceutical development experts, with many years of international experience in the industry.
We commit ourselves to provide high quality solutions for our clients.
We take clients to the Market in Japan by helping build the infrastructure, or by assisting in pharmaceutical research and development.
We will help clients form collaborations with Japanese companies and overseas for successful pharmaceutical development.
Our clients are pharmaceutical companies of all size and related businesses.

PPBIZ is formed by people from the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, with a high level of expertise in many different fields;
medicinal chemistry, bioinformatics, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, clinical pharmacology, clinical science,
clinical development, regulatory and intellectual properties.
PPBIZ will build a dedicated team of experts to ensure your requirements are covered.

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